The Birds and the Bees Wearable Art Collection

West Coast Cameo’s “Birds and the Bees” collection represents the delightful and industrious pollinators that keep our gardens lush and productive. Sculpted using ivory-toned clay, this collection is set on midnight-black backgrounds. The contrasting shades used to create the delightful hummingbird and bumble bee images empower the sculptures’ textures and intricate details with noticeable vibrancy.

Pollinators dance amongst our gardens visiting flowers and depositing pollen. The natural dalliances of the soft and gentle bumble bee inspired our “A Tiny Bumble Bee” design that can be purchased as a pendant and necklace set or pair of earrings.

In our Humming Birds design, we see two of the impossibly tiny birds in flight, sipping nectar from trumpet-like flower blossoms. Gardeners and nature enthusiasts will take delight in wearing our Humming Bird earrings or pendant pieces.

As with every piece of West Coast Cameo jewelry, each sculpture in “The Birds and the Bees” collection is made by hand using professional-grade polymer clay and then set in sterling silver.

West Coast Cameo’s The Birds and the Bees Jewelry

A Tiny Bumble Bee

A Tiny Bumble Bee is a cheerful design made with intricate detail that will surely bring a smile to everyone who views it. Sweet and charming, this design is inspired by the playful nature of bumble bees which is also said to inspire good luck and prosperity.

Humming Birds

Hummingbirds are industrious birds with unique strength and independent nature. Their beauty is remarkable and serves to connect us with our loved ones. Our Humming Birds design will be treasured by any garden lover or bird enthusiast in your life.

Humming Birds