Midnight & Mountain Cedars

Deep in the coastal rainforest stand lush botanical villages made of awe-inspiring Western Red Cedar trees. These trees can be seen across Vancouver Island and play host to centuries-old ghost stories, lend sanctuary to brown bears and cougars, and are a source of rejuvenation for its weary and adventurous two-legged visitors.

The red cedars flanking the westernmost edge of Vancouver Island – the ones found in the region of the Pacific Rim- tend to loom larger and whisper louder than anywhere else on the island.

It’s the mystical and unyielding energy unique to Western Redcedars of the Pacific Rim that Jill depicts in her Midnight and Mountain Cedars collection of wearable art.

In this collection, Jill has created two modern, minimalist and breathtaking designs inspired by the cedars flanking the edge of Vancouver Island’s Pacific Rim. Sculpted with professional-grade polymer clay and set in sterling silver, the earrings and pendants in the Midnight & Mountain Cedars collection are perfect for every island lover and solitude-seeker in your life.

Mountain & Midnight Cedars Collection

Mountain Cedars

Cedar trees silhouetted against a white sky, rising mountains breaking through the coastal mist, Jill’s Mountain Cedars design is classic. It’s instantly recognizable as a piece of Pacific Northwest scenery. Made in the modern minimalist style, each cameo is hand sculpted with precise detail.

Cedars at Midnight

The deep ink black of a starless sky above a moonlit grove of Cedar tree tops. A misty moon watches over it’s admirers. Two varieties of this sculpture are available, one with a white clay moon or, a glimmering swarovski crystal as it’s moon. The crystal illuminates the trees and adds sparkle to your handcrafted piece of jewelry.

Mountain Cedars Wearable Art

Mountain Cedars Pendant

Cedars At Midnight Pendant

Mountain Cedars Earrings

Cedars at Midnight Handmade Jewelry

Midnight Cedar PEndant

Midnight Cedar Earrings

Petite Moundain Cedar PEndant

The western redcedars of Vancouver Island

Vancouver island is home to the largest population of western redcedars in the world. It’s an iconic tree that can live up to one-thousand years old and grow to be sixty metres tall. Revered by many for it’s ecological and social importance, these unique trees create the Pacific Northwest’s instantly recognizable horizon.

Surprisingly, little is known about the western redcedar beyond its ability to provide for us. Jill’s Mountain and Midnight Cedars collection of earrings and pendants seek to acknowledge and represent the towering, mysterious beauties that flank her home’s shoreline. With professional grade polymer clay, she hand-sculpts images reflective of solitude and the spiritual bond many have with Vancouver Island’s western redcedar.

A Simple design. purity. Just like nature.